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Enchanted Slots

Slot machines account for almost half of the gaming revenue in most online casinos Malaysia, and it is easy to see why they are so popular. They are incredibly easy to learn, fun to play, and you can enjoy different themes and payout structures while trying to hit a jackpot. Enchanted slots machines are an ideal fit for online casinos, because they can give players an interesting and fun graphic experience along with the chance to win big prizes. The Enchanted 3D slot machine on is no exception to this rule, as it offers great payouts, exciting bonuses, and a fun experience to gamers with an account on their network.

The whole idea with a slot machine is that you have the chance to win big on a relatively low bet, and in order to help you hit bigger payouts, most machines now offer a wide array of “lines” (5 reel betting sequences) that you can hit. In the case of Enchanted, it is a 5 reel, 30 line machine, meaning that every spin you take has 30 potential ways to win!

If you bet 5 credits per line for 30 lines, this is a 150 credit bet and is known as a “max spin”. Your “credits” can be set for anywhere from .02 cents to .50 cents, so make sure that you have set that number (found in the bottom left corner of the screen) to the appropriate amount before you spin. 3D Slots will generally tell you what the payouts are if you hit 3, 4, 5 or of a certain symbol in a row, and Enchanted does indeed have a simple and easy to understand paytable screen for normal spins.

Most people, however, are looking for more than just “normal spins” on a virtual casino slot machine. Granted you could hit 5 Wizard Symbols in a row and make a nice 25,000 credit score, but for most players its all about the “Bonus spins” and the mini-games that they can trigger! These bonuses can pay enormous returns, and so it is important to be playing a machine with solid bonuses. Enchanted offers several such bonuses, including a Bonus for hitting 3 “Golden Keys” on the 5th reel, the “Spellbook” free spins bonus (these bonuses can generate HUGE payouts), as well as a mini-game bonus in which you help the Princess to rescue her bird that’s been taken from her.

The storylines may seem kind of funny, but the payouts are nothing to laugh at. If there is one thing you can count on with a 3D Slot machine, it’s the ability to pull down large payouts on seemingly simple spins. While there’s nothing difficult about it, the money that can be won makes 3D Slots like Enchanted a blast to play.

If you want to try your luck at Enchanted 3D slots, you’ll first have to sign up with Live Online Casino Direct and establish an account with them. Once you have done so, you are free to play any of their games, most of which require an additional download. In the case of Enchanted, you simply select it from the menu of 3D Slot machines, click on “Download”, and within a minute or two you will be all set to play. Good Luck as you Spin!